Planner as a fast calendar hour entry

is it possible to use the planner as a "grid"? 

What I want is the for example the days on the sidebar and when I click in a column cell immediately be able to enter some text (hours for example)? Or should I use the AdvStringGrid and make my "own" editable calendar? The benefit of the planner is of course the automatically date/time handling. 

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Hi again,
I discovered that you could use the inplace editor instead. Using ieEdit as editor then you get one line. That could be the solution. 

But then I have two other questions:
1. Is there a way to only allow entering digits in the Edit as in the basic TEdit? 
2. If you have two columns, can you have different editors? For example: column one has the Edit editor and column 2 has the Memo? 

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If you are referring to TAdvStringGrid, you can do all this with the grid.
You can use editor type edNumeric to accept only digits and you can use the OnGetEditorType event to specify different editors for different cells/columns. Please see the grid PDF developer guide for OnGetEditorType and the various built-in types of inplace editors.

Hi Bruno and thanks for the quick answer.

I was a bit unclear I think. I want to use the Planner since it has so nice date/time features. And I can use the DefaultItem->InplaceEdit instead of the DefaultItem->Editor property. If I use peEdit then I get one line. 

So my question was referring to the DefaultItem->InplaceEdit = peEdit. 
 - Is there a way to only allow entering digits in the peEdit as in the basic TEdit? 


peEdit type has no such numeric only mode unfortunately.

and you cannot grab the keypressing while you edit (to filter out non numerics)? 

If not, is there a fast way to check if the Item holds a non numeric value (to remove or issue a warning)?  

Br , Lars

Of course, that could be possible, but only by modifying the Planner internals, but as I said, the grid is designed for this, the planner not really.

Alright, maybe it's better to do this in the grid. You can do almost anything with that thing. :) 
I think I/we bought the grid for the first some 20 years ago. 

Thx Bruno.