Phone screen size


I have a question about different screen sizes in WebCore. I created a web page that is displayed correctly on a computer monitor. The problem is that on my iPhone the page is very small - at least the text in very small.

Is there a way to create an universal web page? 

If yes - can you give me some tips and tricks? 
If no - can you give me an alternative?

Kind regards,

There are several ways to address this.

1) You can use a HTML template for the page that uses responsive design. Our demo  under Demo\Basics\HTML shows this. It uses our own website as template and this is responsive, i.e. the layout changes for different screen sizes

2) You can use the TWebResponsiveGridPanel to create different layouts for different screen sizes. This is also used in the demo built for blog
You will see that the 2 column list design on desktop changes to a 2 rows list layout on smartphone.

3) You can combine also 2) with programmatically adapt the form layout from the form's OnResize event handler.