PDFLib Images Transparent PNG


I'm using TTMSFNCPDFLib to dinamically generate PDF's...

I'm insert images without problems (JPG and PNG), bu i need to insert images with transparent parts (PNG File)...

I use the TTMSFNCPDFLib.Graphics.DrawImageFromFile```but i can not see any special option for do this.

How can i do it ?


PD. I attach 4 images for test:

  • Image01.png is a image for background.
  • Image02.png is one small image that i want to put in the image01 without borders.
  • Image01and02photoshop.png is a exemple image merged by Photoshop, with transparences... It's ok.
  • Image01and02PDFLib.pdf is how i can make pdf file using FNCPDFLib... is not Ok because i can see blank marks around the image...

image01and02fncpdflib.pdf (417.3 KB)

![Image 01|690x459](upload://aLbpQq9tIoyrb662hWLGkgXUON2.jpeg)
![Image 01and02 Phtoshop|690x459](upload://gxlEqM93Oq5KxWu0KsdhsR1QOLZ.jpeg)
![Image 02|120x235](upload://gRqrVehHtkn63lVqRBdKTDXPwo.png)


There is no transparency support in the PDF, images are converted to JPEG. The best workaround is to draw all images onto a temporary bitmap canvas with transparency, and then draw that bitmap instead.

Hi Pieter,

Ok. I try it later.