PDF export Layout selection error.

Hi Bart,

When using the TIWADVWEBGRIDPDFIO there is an option to select layout as either plPortrait or plLandscape. However I have only been able to select it at design time.

If I want to do it at runtime, I get a compiler error 2003 when trying to compile the code:

TIWAdvWebGridPdfIo.Pageloyout := plLandScape; (and the same if trying plPortrait)

the Error: Undeclared Identifier: 'plLandscape'

I suppose the pl values for portrait and landscape is in a unit and that the needed unit is not added to the uses clause when dropping the pdfio component on the form. Can you tell me which unit it is I need to add to the used clause ?



The unit you are looking for is: IWAdvPDFLib

Thanks for the info. I'll try it out.