PDF Export - Conditional Cell Formatting

When using conditional formatting on a calculation such as =IF(I6=0,0,(H6-I6)/ABS(I6)). The conditional formatting doesn't get applied to that cell and cells following it. when exporting to PDF. When opening it in excel it works perfectly fine. This only happens on cells that perform some calculation. If raw value such 0.9 or 3.0 is entered then the formatting gets applied correctly.

My Pdf Export code
Here are my conditions for the formatting.
I have some conditional formatting for percentages.
if percent >= 300% & percent <=-300% display ++% and (++%) respectively.
and if percent >-300% & percent <300 display x.x% and (x.x%) respectively.
I need to color red and green as well.
I cannot apply custom cell formatting because it will not allow for more than two conditions for formatting. I can only use one of the following.



As a result I am using conditional formatting with the appropriate checks.


I made a fast check here and I couldn't reproduce it, but is this an xls or xlsx file? There are 2 things to be aware of:

1) Currently we support cfs only in xls, not xlsx files. We are working in cf support for xlsx (it is along with charts one of the 2 important things still missing in xlsx support) but a lot of workload has kept it delayed.

2) We also support only xls2003 style cfs, not 2007 (which are completely new). Again, this should be fixed by 5.7 when we reimplement cf support.

Can you email me a file that shows the issue to adrian@tmssoftware.com so I can take a look?


I was able to figure this out by combining nested if using expressions in the config sheet, and just referencing different format cell formats.

FormatPercent(percent) <#if(<#percent>>3;<#format cell(Outbounds)>;<#FormatPercent2(<#percent>)>)><#percent>
FormatPercent2(percent) <#if(<#percent><-3;<#format cell(Outbounds)>;<#format cell(Inbounds)>)>