Parent/Child directories in DM


say I have two tables:
Table1ID (primary)
...other fields...

Table2ID (primary key)
....other fields)
Table1ID <---I want to create a relation to Table1

What I want to do is when a record is deleted/updated in Table2 the corresponding record in Table1 is updated/deleted as well.

Now, in DM, I choose non-id relationship and drag from Table2 to table1. The relation that is created shows Parent --> Table2 and Child --> Table1, which is correct.
Then, the fields that are linked are Table2ID (the primary in table2) to either Table1ID or to a new Table2ID (in table1).

What I want to do is to link Table1ID from Table2 to Table1ID from table 1.

If I drag the relationship from Table1 to Table 2 I can play with the fields the way I describe but the cascade behaviour is not what I want. 

How can I sort this out?



Sorry, I meand Parent/Child tables

I don't think this is possible and it's database design. The cascade occurs the opposite way. If you have Table2.Table1Id foreign key to Table1, then it's the Table2 that will be deleted when Table1 is deleted, not the contrary. I don't think any database will allow you to do what you want without using some trigger/store procedure approach.