We build our application with packages and always have to recreate the packages for TMS Advanced Charts as they are not built with Runtime packages in mind.

We really need TMS to create runtime and designtime packages that are explict rebuild.

For example with  AdvChartDXE6.dpk
    1. Runtime and Designtime but required DesignIDE which means it can't be Runtime without Delphi installed.   It might as well just be marked as Design Time Only.
     2. Set as rebuild as needed which prevents our packages which are explicit rebuild from being able to use this package.      

I wrote the following guidelines on packages 3 years ago, hopefully it will help:


We will consider including separated runtime & designtime packages in a future distribution.

As a comment on this: it complicates the install procedure, complicates things as it creates package dependencies and all the issues that come with it and we see from our information that only a very limited number of customers use runtime package distribution, so, we have given so far priority to making things less complex and having things a bit easier to control. 

I don't get this point of view.    You have other libraries that do this fine for example Aurelius is perfect.   This makes the plug in manager components you sell incompatible with Charts and others.    As a customer I have had to split out the code into 2 packages every time we update.