OAuth and mail address

Hello. I want to add some code to avoid the posibility to validate an email account with a diferent one. For example if the account is mymail@gmail.com I want it to be authorized only by mymail@gmail.com, but not using othermail@gmail.com.

Thank you!


The authorization page is controlled by the service provide (for example Google when using TAdvGMail).
We are not aware of a possibility to limit the authorization to a specific email address.
Please note that you only have access to data associated with the authenticated email account.

Thank you. How can I get that account's email address?

Sorry if I ask again, is it possible to know the mail address for the account that gived the authorization?

You can use the GetUserInfo call to retrieve the Profile properties.
If the Email address info of the authenticated account is returned from the service, it will be included in the Profile.Email field.