NSTextField tab


Is it possible to set tabbing between the controls on a form using the Tab key?  I know on my El Capitan development machine, it doesn't tab but I think it may be automatic on macOS Sierra.



We have investigated this here but have no issues tabbing. In which RAD Studio are you testing this?

Berlin 10.1.2


We have tested this here in Tokyo 10.2, so it could be a RAD Studio specific issue. We'll further investigate this.

Are you testing on macOS sierra or older?

We are testing this on El Capitan

Are you just using the tab key?  I made a sample application and put some TTMSFMXNativeNSTextFields on it.  Tab doesn't work.  I then put them on a TTMSFMXNativeNSView but that didn't help.  Do I need to add frameworks like iCL?  I also Tried changing the Preferences on my Mac to make all controls use Tab in the Keyboard, Shortcuts.


I've dropped 2 TTMSFMXNativeNSTextFields on the form and clicked on one of them. Then press Tab to jump to the next one.

Maybe it is my Mac Mini but I can't get it to work on El Capitan.  On my iMac with Sierra it sort of works.  I have the native controls in this order: date edit, 2 radio buttons, text field, button, text field, button, text field, button.  I set the tab order using code so it would be date edit, text field, text field, text field, button.  I set tabstop to false on the others.  At runtime it seems to ignore my code and tabs the next control in order from the top of the form but after tabbing from the edit to the checkbox, it stops tabbing.


sorry i meant the taborder is set with code using date edit, radio button, radio button, edit, checkbox, checkbox, checkbox, edit, button, edit, button, edit, button, button, checkbox, combobox, button, button.  at runtime it tabs from date edit to checkbox and then doesn't work anymore.

Unfortunately this is an FMX issue. The tabbing is controlled on FMX core framework level and we have only patched TTMSFMXNativeNSTextField and TTMSFMXNativeNSTextView to have keyboard functionality. When combining native controls with default FMX controls the tabbing stops working due to the way it is implemented in the underlying FMX framework.

I emailed a sample project.  Tested with Delphi Tokyo 10.2 and macOS Sierra.