.NET 7.15 issues on Android and iOS

Hi team,

we are updating Flexcel to version 7.15 but we are facing several issues on both Android and iOS.
On Android, there is problem when exporting PDF file.
On iOS, it seems that there are a problem with tags when executing the report.

Can you take a look on it, please.
There are test apps in attachments.

Kind regards,
FlexcelIOSTestApp.zip (132.4 KB)

AndroidFlexcelTestApp.zip (292.0 KB)

We don't yet support running ios and android apps directly under .NET 6 with platform-specific frameworks, because to support that we had to wait for Microsoft to release .NET Maui, and MAUI was released just 8 days ago. (see Productivity comes to .NET MAUI in Visual Studio 2022 - .NET Blog )

Right now, the way to have it working is using Xamarin apps, which is what we currently support. But we are working as I write this in supporting the new .NET 6 platform-specific frameworks, we should have a release supporting it in the coming weeks.

From what I saw on your apps, the iOS app fails because it can't start SkiaSharp (which probably doesn't support the new platform-specific frameworks either) and the Android app fails because it can't find any font (and the android-specific ways to find fonts aren't compiled in the .net dll in the nuget package).

The idea is to provide FlexCel dlls that don't require skiasharp at all, but for that we needed support from frameworks that hadn't been released yet.


thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, we cannot use Xamarin apps as we are in the middle of migration from XamarinForms to MAUI.

We have tried to update SkiaSharp to last preview version (2.88.1-preview.108) and it helped. We were able to generate PDF file from much more complicated template.

We have tried to update SkiaSharp on Android too, but with the same result as before (missing fonts).

You can workaround the missing fonts in android by providing them as assets. But with our 7.16 beta here your android app works fine (and doesn't require skiasharp actually), so it might make sense to wait until we publish it. It shouldn't take more than a week from now.

I tried the workaround with assets but without success. Have you tried it yourself in .net-android project with Flexcel 7.15? Could you send me the working test app, please?

Anyway, we will wait for the release of 7.16.

Sorry for the delay (our build system was completely broken by the new "Maui apps" and the multitargetting), but finally 7.16 was released. It will pick the fonts from the Maui fonts folder if it exists.

it seems that 7.16 fix the reported problem in iOS, but Android is still crashing.
We have replaced the 7.15 flexcel by newest one, but the provided test app is crashing on new exceptions:

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: File name: 'FlexCel.resources' at System.Reflection.Assembly.Load(AssemblyName assemblyRef, StackCrawlMark& stackMark, AssemblyLoadContext assemblyLoadContext) at System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly.InternalGetSatelliteAssembly(Assembly assembly, CultureInfo culture, Version version, Boolean throwOnFileNotFound)

System.InvalidOperationException: 'The version of the native libSkiaSharp library (88.1) is incompatible with this version of SkiaSharp. Supported versions of the native libSkiaSharp library are in the range [80.2, 81.0).'

Can you please take a look on the Android test app and help us solve the problem, please?

Your android test app works fine here, we tested it before release. And I rechecked it right now just in case.
From what I see on your error message, it looks like a mismatch of skiasharp? We require skiasharp 2.88.1 (because the older versions we supported before wouldn't support the new platform-specific framework) But somehow from your error message, it looks like you have a native libskiasharp v2.88.1, but the managed part is at 2.80.

What do you have in the dependencies? I see here:

Do you still see the error if you create an app from scratch?


I had the same dependencies as you, but there were some old nugets cached in cache. After clearing the cache, android test app start working as expeced.

Thank you for your help

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