Navigator Images not Showing

Intraweb 15
Latest TMS version

Images on navigation bar for DBGrid show images on the buttons when compiled for standalone.  However, when compiled for ISAPI (dll file) the images on the buttons do not show.  Also the navigator by default shows First,Previous,Next,Last? it possible to change the order to First,Next,Previous,Last.

Thanks in advance



- Can you please make sure the required images are located on the correct path and that they are accessible for the IntraWeb application?

- Unfortunately it's currently not supported to change the order of the links in the Grid's controller navigator.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in a future version.

Where are the images for the navigation bar located?



The default images should be located in '/$/gfx/'.
As an alternative you can also specify a location for custom image files with the CustomImages properties.

Please have a look at the "Demo DBAsyncNavigator" page in the TMS IW FeaturesDemo for an example.

Where do I find "Demo DBAsyncNavigator" page in the TMS IW FeaturesDemo. Can't seem to find any IW demos installed with intraweb script edition.


Please disregard last post.....found the demos on the download page.