I already asked that question so support some month ago, and the answer that was considered as a good suggestion and be considered for the future. I fully realize the hard work on FNC Maps. Again, thank you very much for this huge addition.

Some components related to  such as MyCloudDataConnector, MyCloudDataDataset and AvMyCloudDataFormPanel are part of the VCL Cloud Pack.

At least two of them are database related code and not GUI specific. So, it shouldn't be too hard adding them to the FNC Pack as well with a great added value to the FNC ecosystem

Do you intend migrating at some point these three components to FNC Cloud Pack as well to support other platforms than Windows only?



Thank you for your suggestion.
These features as still under consideration for a future version.
Further investigation to decide if this functionality will be added to TMS FNC Cloud Pack will be made once the next development round for TMS FNC Cloud Pack starts.