I am wondering if the TMS components are proven with multi-processor systems.  I have been using AsyncPro version 4 with Delphi 7 to read data from a weigh scale indicator. I have found that there are problems with XP multi-processor CPUs give different results and errors under AsyncPro, and am considering the TMS serial components.  Otherwise all is fine with older systems.

Also, is anybody out there interested in tweaking our code and willing help convert to other methods to solve the above problem. 

Any help is appreciated. 

John Postnikoff

We're not aware of issues with TMS Async32 on multi processor systems. Are the problems you experience related to phyical multiprocessor machines or also with multicore processors? I cannot speak for AsyncPro as I do not know its code. Maybe there is something in the code wrt threads  that causes problems on multiprocessor machines. We use TMS Async on machines with quad core CPUs and have never noticed a problem with such configuration.