FMX Support

Will FireMonkey support be added in the near future?

Currently the ASYNC32 components can only be used by VCL projects.

I vote yes !

Just started a new FireMonkey project and had to go back to VCL just because of Async32 limitations...

On what device/machine/operating system do you work?

I'd like to port some of my PC applications (Win32) to run on Android and if possible Win8 / Win RT. 

We do a lot of work with many serial devices running in the factory and in the field.   Tablets are easier for the techs to carry and use for configuration/diagnostics.   For those tablets with USB ports capable of USB host mode, they are great candidates for adapting existing test apps to.   

I'm a C / C++ developer, and have been watching Embarcadero, but for now, I expect Mobile Development in C++ Builder to show up in XE6.  We will maneuver towards what Embarcadero will support regarding Mobile OS's / Hardware (beyond Apple products).   

I keep thinking that if we undergo a new project to utilize FireMonkey to get ready (for XE6).

I'm currently developing on a Windows7 system for both the Windows and OSX Platforms.

Using FMX is a requirement to develop for both those platforms if you want to use the same code base. Even though the ASYNC32 component would not work on a MAC, it would be nice to be able to use it for the Windows platform in the same project.

I recently came across this video for something called "MonkeyMixer"...

MonkeyMixer is an ide utility that provides a way to combine vcl and fmx forms in the same project. The video demos how this is done, and shows the resulting application.

The (updated) utility can be downloaded here:

EmbT doesn't support a mix like this, and it's really intended for those who have existing VCL apps, and want to upgrade them screen by screen. However, it has interesting possibilities for using Async32 with an FMX interface (Windows-only, of course).

Disclaimer: I haven't tried this technique yet with Async32, so can't comment on its workability.


We have not yet experimented here with something like MonkeyMixer.

So, at this point, we can't say whether this is technically feasible. We've put it on the todolist for investigation.

OK, I've done a bit of MonkeyMixer testing here...

This was with the vaComm and the Dialog components (I don't use, and am not familiar with the others). Both worked fine when residing on either a vcl form or datamodule, and being called from an fmx form (as Main form).   Tested in XE2 and XE3, on Win7/64. I updated all vcl references in the Async32 source files to include the Namespace prefix, to get around "unknown reference" errors.

A tip of the hat to Simon Stuart for MonkeyMixer.