Multi Level Report

I am having a lot of diffilcuties to figure out a way to make a report with many levels using Flexcel.

I am using the last version in FMX - XE7.1

My need is to have up to 5 levels...

1 - level 1 total
2 - level 2 total
3  level 3 total
4 - level 4 total
5 - level 5 total
item 1 value
item 2 value

Not all levels have the complete sub levels. Some cases it stops at 3, others at 2, several goes to 5

I could make that work and the report is showing the levels. But my problem is the TOTAL.

In this case, each level needs to group the totals, so all levels inside 4 for example needs to total on 4, and this should happen until reach the level 1.

I have tried making this at top, and using the SUBTOTAL to sum everything below. But it just not work, it always repeat the very first value of each level. 

I wonder if there is an example of this kind of report, that is very common in accounting and other finance software that I could take a look and learn from in.




First of all sorry for the delay, it has been some sleepless nights lately with the Seattle release and I am running a little late in the answers to the questions.

While doing "tree reports" isn't one of the things where the report engine shines, it should be doable. I can think in at least 2 ways to do it: With nested names and with a single range which outputs the cells in different cells depending on the level.

What approach are you using?  Can you send me the template you are using and the result to see if I can spot why the subtotals aren't growing?  
I am flying to australia tomorrow so I won't have a lot of time in the coming days, but I think I should be able to take a look at it in the weekend.

Ok Adrian, thank you for the reply. Sent you an email with details of the report. Please take a look on the totals right after each "level" title and you see the problem that I am having.

The idea is that at the end I get a overall total of all levels, since I have credit and debit and I want to get the total.

Thanks Eduardo