You can set MouseActions > WheelActive to waMouseOver and the grid only scrolls, and MouseWheelUp/Down events only fire when the mouse cursor is over the grid but when the mouse is not over the grid the grid still consumes the MouseWheelUp/Down events. It would be nice if they were passed along so that some other control, a TScrollBox for example, could utilize them. Frequently when you have a grid on a form once you click on that grid it's going to have the focus from that point on, there's no other control that's going to take that focus away from it., so with the waMouseOver capability it seems natural to allow for some other control to utilize those events when the mouse is not over the grid.

Could not reproduce.
When WheelActive = waMouseOver , with grid having the focus, the wheel event comes for other controls where the mouse is over.
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This feature will not be implemented.