OnClick event not firing on TAdvStringGrid mouse wheel event


From v10.8.6.0, OnClick at the cursor position is not processed when the mouse is hovered on TAdvStringGrid. But OnClick is handled when I move the cursor with the keyboard.

What we want is to have the same behavior as before v10.8.6.0 when mouseholing. (OnClick event is handled)
Is there a better way?

Best regards.

Do you have a more precise description. I cannot see a problem with OnClick here.
You mention in the title mousewheel event, you mention hovering, you mention OnClick, but I do not see the relationship. OnClick is triggered when the control is clicked with the mouse, not on mouse wheel or mouse hovering.

There is an implementation that displays the contents of the row after moving with the mouse wheel in a separate area with the OnClick event.
I don't know the proper means of handling the OnClick event when the mouse is wheeled.

When you use the mousewheel, OnClick is not triggered. The mousewheel related events are triggered in this case.

So there is no way to handle the OnClick event when the mouse is wheeled. understood.