Modal forms - Bootstrap


How can I do to show a modal form with the bootstrap format?

If I use the modal form with popup:=true the form appears in the centre of the screen. And then, if Im using a mobile or tablet, when I change the orientation, the modal form doesn't adapt to the new position

I want to the modal form can resize or change the position automatically, like bootstrap does.

At this moment there is for the display of the a form in a modal way no built-in functionality that would reposition this form when the screen resizes. 

A possible solution with the current version is to implement the main form OnResize event and from there keep your modal form centered.
Hello Bruno, thanks for your interest in my questions.

I'm not sure; perhaps I found a way. Please take a look at this:

You can download the source code from here:

Now I want to ask you about the modal's background, it's a detail but if you can help me it will be better. 

With the blue background you can  see the modal's corners. 

I think that I have to work on the tms web "panelconatiner" used for me to show the bootstrap modal form.

So, the question is: How can I do to have rounds corners or adapt the panel's background to the modal form?

If you use a tablet or mobile phone, you'll see a white background behind the limits of the modal dialog.


Set for the form's ElementClassName property the value to 'rounded'