Mirroring Horizontally A DiagramBlock

Hello Wagner
my first question:
Is it possible to flip the the diagramBlock horizontally?

My second question:
is it possible to draw an arc segment between two specefic points based on an only theird one? AddArc requires too many parameters not easy to determin without tedious calculation! What I need Some thing like AddBezier function wich requires 2 more points?

Please Help!!

There is an experimental implementation of horizontal flip. Not complete but you can try. There are HorizontalFlip and VerticalFlip boolean properties you can set to true to flip. They are protected, so you can only access them from descendant classes, or using a class hack.

Regarding the arc, about which class are you referring to? But in any case, I don't think there are any other such methods for adding an arc.

Very very nice. I only published the property and every thing goes well now.
Regarding my second question about the drawing arc between two specific points, I succeede to solve it by a math code inside the method:
TArcedPlane.GetBlockPath(APath: TDgrGraphicsPath;ADrawer: TDgrBlockDrawer);
Thank you again for your assistance!

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