Add arcs to a Polygon figure

Hello Dear Wagner
Iam working on a library for Diagrams in Physics. I have no problem in electricity since I maneged to extend the existing components included in the softeware, and every thing is fine.
However I don't know exactly how and where to begin to design diagrams in mechanics. I found that extending Polygon component is very good start since the figures can be painted with colors. However drawing arcs are not possible with this Block, whereas filling areas is not possible either with electric blocks,
What advice do you offer to me? how can I begin? The idea is to be able to draw triangles or other shapes with angles arcs as a part of the shape... I am enough good in math, I thought an advice from you can save me a lot of work as always!!
Please help

@Wakim_Bishara1, I suggest you take the source code of existing blocks as examples. Unit FlowchartBlocks is a good example of how to create custom blocks that are filled shapes (not drawings like electric blocks). The Database block is an example that uses arcs in its path.

You can simply copy and paste that unit and start modifying it. "All" it takes is to properly know the math to change the coordinates to create new shapes.

Yes! Iam going to do that.

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