Minor issues with popup form

  • From the TMS WEB Core documentation:

The popup form can have a caption or not. When the popup form has a caption, the user will be able ot move the popup form on the screen via the caption. The caption of the form is set via WebForm.Caption: string;

it would be helpful to point out that the Border property of the popup form needs to be set to TFormBorderStyle.fbDialog or TFormBorderStyle.fbDialogSizeable to make the caption bar appear.

  • Setting the caption of a popup form via the Caption propety in the Object Inspector seems to have no effet while setting it in the code works.

  • Moving a popup form by dragging the caption bar gets interrupted if the mouse is moved down quickly and the mouse cursor leaves the caption bar and slides over a focusable control on the form. This can be tested e. g. with a TWebButton or a TWebMemo whose Align property is set to alTop to place it directly below the caption bar.

Tested with TMS WEB Core VSC 1.2.4095