Migration existing app from WEB Core version v to v TWebTableControl problem


I have a problem with migration existing application from WEB Core version to

After open app in and click on TWebTableControl which has no "onClick" or "onClickCell" event set I get an error.

Uncaught ReferenceError: c is not defined
at Object.HandleDoMouseDown (WEBLib.Grids.pas:6973:1)
at HTMLTableElement.cb (rtl.js:236:1)

when I go to WEBLib.Grids.pas:6973:1 in browser dev tools i see that

Why ?


Do you have more details as I could not reproduce this here.
For example, testing with new TWebTableControl on the form initialized with:

procedure TForm2.WebFormCreate(Sender: TObject);

this works as expected and without errors.


In attachement simple app for reproduce.
test_table_problem.zip (2.4 MB)

The problem is that this error is only in Release mode in Debug mode everything is ok.

For reproduce open dev tools F12, set release mode and click cell in table.

We could trace & solve this issue related to code optimization.
Next update will address this.

Ok ... thank you and one remark ... why can I possibility to select row in table if table component property Enabled is set to False?

Second Issue ... Can I have possibility to select multi rows in a table ?

We fixed the issue with Enabled = false. The next update will address this.

Multirow selection is at this moment not possible. It is a capability you have in TWebStringGrid.

Two question after release concerning TWebTableControl:

  1. Is it ok that when I put the TWebTableControl on the form the Enabled attribute from default is set to False?
  2. Why e.g onClickCell event is fired when I have set TWebTableControl.Enabled = False?

We've applied improvements for both cases and these will be in the next update.