MetroButton/Tile and bkg color


i want to have a fixed background color in a metro button or tile like a image sample in your pdf 'TMS Metro Controls Pack' AdvMetroTile paragraph. How can i do this ?

By default, a TAdvMetroTile has a hover color & down color. If you want this to be the same color as the regular background color, set AdvMetroTile.Appearance.DownColor & AdvMetroTile.Appearance.HoverColor  to the same colors as AdvMetroTile.Appearance.Color.

Nothing is always transparent !! : i have AdvMetroTile on a Form as TAdvMetroForm and AdvFormStyler with metro = True and setting all you said me together try Layout = tlPicBackground ... other ?

What means "nothing is always transparent"?

Do you want this TAdvMetroTile to be always transparent or what exactly do you want?

when not mouse over colored !

if you see start menu of win 10 has colored button. see this (office button) :


AdvMetroTile.Appearance.Color sets the background color, i.e. the color when the mouse is not over the button and when you define a color for this, it will not be transparent.