AdvSmoothExpanderButtonPanel and metro


i use on my form FormStyler with metro style and in event 'FormStylerApplyColorTones' i set AdvSmoothExpanderButtonPanel).SetColorTones(CreateMetroTones(True, clHighlight, clWhite)); BUT buttons don't have a correct behaviour Metro like TAdvGlowButton. There are specific configurations to do ? i use TMS Component Pack and delphi berlin


hi, the buttons inside AdvSmoothExpanderButtonPanel are TAdvSmoothButton variants. Which behaviour are you expecting? If you want to have AdvGlowButton behaviour you will have to manually add a TAdvSmoothExpanderPanel and add TAdvGlowButton instances as children of the panel.

>Which behaviour are you expecting? 

same as GlowButton with Metro settings (FormStyler) . For example 'click down' color  of TAdvSmoothButton inside panel is always black.


As Pieter already mentioned, the buttons in the AdvSmoothExpanderButtonPanel are AdvSmoothButtons, which don't have the same possibilities with regard to appearance.
You can set a color of the button and the down color is a darker shade of your selected color.
The reason that you see the black color when your button is down, is because you are using a system color instead of a normal color. As those are references a darker shade can't be created and the color is black. When you change this to a normal color, a darker shade will be shown on the down state.
We can check if it is possible to implement the use of the system colors, but if you really want the buttons to look and behave like AdvGlowButtons, then we do advise to add AdvGlowButtons as children to the panel.