Memory leak in UITableView

In response to TApplicationEvent.LowMemory I need to release frames that are not currently used. 

Unfortunately there is a memory leak when releasing a TTMSFMXNativeUITableView. What I found so far is that the sections and cells are released, but it looks like the underlying objective C objects are not released.

With a specific Frame in my application I lose 6 MB for each create/release cycle and even after 50 create/release cycles (increasing app memory consumption by 300 MB) it still increase by 6 MB for each cycle.

From XCode-Instruments I can see the main source for the increase in memory are these allocations:
VM: UITableViewCellSelectedBackground
VM: UITableViewLabel
VM: CoreAnimation (stacktrace contains "CA::Render::Shmem::new_bitmap()")
VM: CG raster data (seem to be mainly related to dynamically created iCL controls used for the Cell.AccessoryView)

Is this something you can/will fix in a general way in TTMSNativeUITableView?  or should I handle the memory leak manually?


Can you perhaps send us your sample that generates these leaks so we can investigate this here?

Kind Regards, 

I have sent a simple app that reproduces the problem to your support email.