Memory Access Error to set AdvStringGrid->SortSettings->Column


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MAJ_VER = 11; // Major version nr.
MIN_VER = 0; // Minor version nr.
REL_VER = 1; // Release nr.
BLD_VER = 0; // Build nr.
DATE_VER = 'JAN, 2023'; // Month version

Rad Studio Rio 10.3 C++Builder
AdvStringGrid1->SortSettings->Column = 3; //Memory Error
AdvStringGrid1->SortSettings->Direction = sdDescending; //Memory Error

AdvStringGrid1->QSort(); //Working

Would you check it out ?

I retested this here but I cannot reproduce this.
If a problem persists, please create a sample source project with which we can reproduce this here and investigate.

Thank you.
I reinstalled my pc and rad studio. And then reintall UI PACK.
It's OK. There is something wrong my pc environment.