MemoDropDown dropdown width

I want MemoDropDown in TAdvStringGrid to have same width as the cell.

tried to assign .MemoDropDown.OnDropDown := AdvGridDropDownDrop;
it's fired but setting .MemoDropDown.Width or .MemoDropDown.DropDownWidth
does not work, it's still the same.

If I change column size the new .MemoDropDown.DropDownWidth is used,

Anyone have a solution?

Have you tried to change grid.MemoDropDown.DropDownWidth from the OnGetEditorProp event and adapt it to the column width of the cell that is being edited?

I tried grid.MemoDropDown.Width from the OnGetEditorProp. Did not work so I started explore, and I found grid.MemoDropDown.OnDropDown and grid.MemoDropDown.DropDownWidth

Did not go back and try grid.MemoDropDown.DropDownWidth from the OnGetEditorProp, 
and that works :-)