TAdvMemoDropDown word wrap doesn't respect width

Hi, we're using TMS Component Pack, and find that the word wrap in a TAdvMemoDropDown seems to follow the default width of the control.  It should follow the DropDownWidth.
To replicate, create a new VCL project, drop the component, then add the following in the constructor:
    AdvMemoDropDown1->DropDownWidth = 500;
    AdvMemoDropDown1->MemoText->Add("it's been a long time since I rock and rolled");
You can see that it wraps on "rolled" when there is enough space in the drop down for the whole line.  The text in the header also wraps at the same place even if you make the control wider.  Ellipses are not shown when that happens.
One final annoying thing is that the text becomes selected when the drop down is closed

We have fixed the issue. This was caused by the TMemo that is used in the dropdown that performs its wordbreak based on the regular width of the control and not on the dropdown increased width.

It is by design that the text becomes selected when closed.

Ok thanks.  Is this fix already released or will it be in the next version?

It will be included in the next release.

We found one more issue with this control, when you set ReadOnly it makes the drop down disabled.  We just want to make the Text read only.

For this behavior, set:

EditorEnabled = false
MemoReadOnly = true

Actually for that last issue we were using TAdvControlDropDown so
there's no MemoReadOnly, but setting EditorEnabled=false did the trick,