Master-Detail with Dataset Field as a relation


Following the Aurelius manual example about Master Detail using dataset fields with two dbgrids I had build a working sample and trying to post changes using XClient operations to Xdata server with POST, PUT and DELETE .
My Master Class use   [ManyValuedAssociation([], CascadeTypeAllRemoveOrphan)] for joining the detail.

On the dbGrid I was Insert One Master and One Detail record and trying to POST on Master. The result is only a new Master  record was inserted in the DB with no records on details and no errors.

I recall my previous inserted master record on the Grid and trying to insert again the detail with PUT operation and I get  OPF Internal Error: Cannot merge of Type <MyMasterClass>. Object with ID <My new ID> does not exist.

I manually insert one detail on the database  and I repeat my test to delete the master and the detail with xclient.DELETE and it is working fine.

What I am missing for successful insert new records on details?

Thank you

I wrote by mistake <MyMasterClass> instead of <MyDetailClass>

Hi George, can you please provide the mapping of entities involved?