Master /detail problem, no master assigned to detail

This has been most difficult part to me during my Aurelius usage.
I have Entity (basecustomer) which contains customerProducts (kktuote)
Objectmanager finds BaseCustomer entity from db, I assign it to aureliusdataset using aureliusdataset.SetSourceObject.
childs aureliusdataset is connected using Datasetfield.
I can see basecustomer data and manually inserted rows in childtable and I can edit them.
But If I insert new row to childtable using grid, no master record is associated to child record

I tried this with ZEN, and just to make sure, i tried also with MSSQL got same result.
sql generated is
INSERT INTO kktuote (
GUID, tuotenro, asiakas, nimi)
'{7720D812-E3E0-4600-93E8-2A047984CEA8}', 'tetst-prod', , 'testproductname')
I have read several post and made minor adjustment (added .required attirbute)
What's wrong here? Or do I Have to manually assign Customer value to childobject?

  [ Entity, Automapping ]
  [ Table( 'asiakas' ) ]
  [ Id( 'Fid', TIdGenerator.IdentityOrSequence) ]
  [ model('TEST')]
  TBasecustomer = class
    [ Column( 'asiakas', [ TColumnProp.Required] ) ]
    Fid: Integer;
    [ Column( 'nimi', [ ], 40 ) ]
    Fname: nullable< string >;

    [ ForeignJoinColumn( 'Asiakas',  [ TColumnProp.Required ] , 'asiakas') ]
    [ ManyValuedAssociation( [ TAssociationProp.Lazy, TAssociationProp.Required], CascadeTypeAllRemoveOrphan, 'FCustomer' ) ]
    Fsecondhandproducts: proxy< TList< TKirppisTuote > >;

    function GetKirppisTuotteet: TList< TKirppisTuote >;
    constructor Create;
    destructor Destroy; override;

    property Id: Integer
      Read Fid
      Write Fid;
    property name: nullable< string >
      Read Fname
      Write Fname;

    property secondhandproducts: TList < TKirppisTuote >
      read GetKirppisTuotteet;

  [ Entity, Automapping ]
  [ id('Fguid',  TIdGenerator.Guid )]
  [ Table('kktuote') ]
  [ model('TEST')]
  TKirppisTuote = class
    Fguid: tguid;
    [Column('tuotenro', [], 18)]
    Fproduct_id: nullable<string>;

    [Association([TAssociationProp.Lazy, TAssociationProp.Required], CascadeTypeAllButRemove)]
    [JoinColumn('asiakas', [TColumnProp.Required])]
    Fcustomer: Proxy<TBaseCustomer>;

    Fprice: nullable<double>;
    [Column('nimi', [], 60)]
    Fname: nullable<string>;
    function Getcustomer: TBaseCustomer;
    procedure Setcustomer(const Value: TBaseCustomer);
    property guid: tguid Read Fguid Write Fguid;
    property product_id: nullable<string> Read Fproduct_id Write Fproduct_id;
    property price: nullable<double> Read Fprice Write Fprice;
    property name: nullable<string> Read Fname Write Fname;
    property customer: TBaseCustomer read Getcustomer write Setcustomer;

After getting ideas from my team member (thanks @vitali_Botz ) I realized that only problem was that I have to call post to master dataset also, then it updates appropiate. Problem solved.

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