MacOS Arm?

Is there any plans to support MacOS Arm?

Hi, no. However, there is a limited set of algorithms that can be used with an unpublished version of TMS CP.
What algorithms do you require?

I only need AES (Aesobj)/

AES is part of the limited subset. Can you send me an email directly?

A few days ago I wrote to you personally. But he didn’t wait for an answer.

You should have received a link by email.

That is, you sent it yesterday, aes does not have the 'EncryptStream' and 'DecryptStream' methods

Ok, will have a look

Thanks, I'll wait. I used the standard Aesobj, there were these methods. And the claw placed your new one - they are not. But I use encryption-deaching in the stream.

Hi, I have sent you and update to test.


is there an official Version of the TMS Cryptography Pack for MacOS ARM in the meanewhile ?

If not, where do I get the lates intermediate version ?

As I understand, there should be a "pre version". I would need SHA3 Hashes and
AES Crypt and Encrypt.



Hi, I only have a pre-release for registered users including AES, SHA2, SHA3 and RSA. You will have to install it manually or tweek your existing setup.