looking for help building a JS lib for WebCore

I'm looking for someone who can help me out ... I'm a very experienced Delphi dev, but I know next to nothing about javascript other than it looks like an interpreted version of C with some odd quirks. I'd like to find someone who can implement a couple of "classes" for me in JS that talk to another JS library (Web Audio API) so I can access them in WebCore. I've tried working with the Web Audio API directly from WebCore, and it's not going very well. It would be a lot easier to be able to have my WebCore apps talk to a couple of classes at the JS level that present the abstractions my apps really need. I also think it will be easier for them to interface with the Web Audio API due to what I believe are timing and threading issues.

I'm not familiar with the Web Audio API, but I know a thing or two about TMS WEB Core and JavaScript and interfacing to JS libraries :grin: And there are now a number of examples of that sort of thing in the TMS Blog.

So... How can I help? Is there a particular subset of an API you're trying to interface with? It is quite feasible to create Delphi-style functions and procedures that can interact seamlessly with JS.

What aspects are tripping you up?