Load file content to the TWebMemo


Can you provide any example how to load any text file to the TWebMemo component on the web application by button click (not local file, but from the server side). Also transfer should be encrypted.

You have very good components but also you need to add many examples!

If your file is available as a resource URL over HTTPS, this should take care of encryption.

You can use then the WebHttpRequest component, perform a HTTPS GET request and get the file content from the OnResponse event and fill the TWebMemo with the retrieved text.

I mean client-server application, server side started on the Windows system

Over what protocol do you expect the data to be transferred if my answer to use HTTPS is not what you need?

Question about protocol too. What I need: start my own server part on the Windows and connect from web client side to this server part and get any data stream

You mentioned : "load text file" and then a HTTPS GET is most simple and you need a HTTPS server for that.

Alternative could be via a HTTP REST API if you need load/save (you did not mention 'save' though)
or alternatively a websocket server.

There are samples for HTTP GET, XDATA REST API server and WebSocket connection all included in the TMS WEB Core distribution.

Ok, this is XDataWebClientDemo? Where is server for this demo?

The source code of server used in XDataWebClient demo is provided in XData installation, under demos folder, subfolder "simple_sqlite". But it provides data from a database, not from a test file.