libcrypto.a missing for iOS

I'm targeting iOS with CloudStorageServiceDemo.dproj in Delphi 11.1 and in an unreleased version of Delphi.
Both fail to build the project and give this error message:

[DCC Error] E2597 ld: file not found: libcrypto.a

The latest developments cover HTTPS for authentication which require OpenSSL. Please read OpenSSL - RAD Studio

The files can be found in the TMS FNC Cloud Pack installation folder, in the HTTPS Support sub-folder

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Thanks, Pieter. This got me going.

I'm sure there is a good reason that TMS FNC Cloud does not install the required files.

I read the documentation link you provided, along with this newer page:

Both pages point to an OpenSSL github page that contains outdated and unsupported files.

I used the ones included with TMS FNC Cloud.

We can unfortunately not include them in projects. We cannot detect at designtime, if the linking requires the libcrypto.a files. The files are static and need to be linked against the project at compile time. If the files would by dynamically loaded, we would deploy them alongside the application at runtime. The static lib file distribution is also explained in our documentation:

I forgot to link to it in my initial response

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