Language translation missing (1)

Please can you add in translation web file the entries for last message displayed to user ?


Ok, indeed those messages were not translatable. Now they will be. If you want, can you please tell me translations of the following three messages, then I will add them already here for the next release.

  "Application successfully authorized": "",
  "You can close this browser window": "",
  "Application authorization failed": ""

"fr-fr" translations

  "Application successfully authorized": "Application autorisée avec succès",
  "You can close this browser window": "Vous pouvez maintenant fermer cette fenêtre du navigateur",
  "Application authorization failed": "Echec de l'autorisation de l'application"

Should I integrate this entries inside the server or web "fr-fr" translation file, or it's a specific file?

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Should be in server JSON, but we will do it here ourselves and include it in the next release. Thank you very much.

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