TMS Sphinx localization json files


In the documentation regarding the TSphinx localization, it's stated:

... Inside the languages folder, there are two sub-folders: web (containing all the text for the web UI) and server (containing all the text for server messages). Inside each of those folders, there are JSON files for each available language - for example, pt-br.json, sv-se.json, etc.* ...

In the installation of version, it seems that it only creates the server folder into languages.

Is it possible to download the localization files for the web subfolder from somewhere?

Greetings and thank you.

Hi @SARCOS, welcome to TMS Support Center!

Indeed, it was missing from the last version due to small mistake in the bundle deployment. We will fix that for next version. In the meanwhile, here are the files that should be there. (11.9 KB)