IW 14.0.20 TMS TIWDBAdvWebGrid async row selection

I'm running IW 14.0.20 with latest TMS TIWDBAdvWebGrid on XE5.

I have switched the grid to async updates, but now I'm not able to determine if a row is selected.  The code in a loop

"if TIWDBAdvWebGrid1.RowSelect[TIWDBAdvWebGrid1.RowOffset + i - 1] then"

never find the selected rows.  Is that expected behavior?


My TMS version is


We are not aware of such an issue with the TIWDBAdvWeBGrid.
I would require extra information (like how your grid is configured and what technique you are using to select rows) to determine what exactly is going wrong here.
Can you please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the code so I can further investigate this issue?

I described the situation incompletely.

The Grid is being updated asynchronously using grid.asyncupdateallrows.
Mouse Select set to msMove.
AsyncActiveRowMove - true.

I have a iwbutton that when clicked checks the "Selected" rows.  I also have a column set to a ctcheckbox that isn't bound to a specific data field.  I just want it there for row selection purposes.

From the tiwbutton "OnClick" event the grid.rowselect property is working properly.  From tiwbutton  the "OnAsyncClick" the grid.rowselect property is always false.  

A second question.  Can I directly look at the ctcheckbox column and determine if it is checked even if it doesn't have a datafield property set?


For this to work it is required that the OnAsyncCheckClick event is assigned.

procedure TIWForm4.TIWAdvWebGrid1AsyncCheckClick(Sender: TObject;
  EventParams: TStringList; RowIndex, ColumnIndex: Integer);
      //Required to make RowSelect work asynchronously

A ctCheckBox column's value can only be set or determined by using RowSelect.