TTIWAdvWebGrid select row

I'm using a TTIWAdvWebGrid to display a list of locations. I am finding that the selections (checkbox) stick from page to page rather than with the items in the grid. (i.e. if I check the 1st item in the list and then click on page 2, 3, 4, etc. the 1st item remains selected)

Column 0 is 'selected' and is of type ctCheckbox. My intent is to be able to identify all of the selected locations and report on them.

Here is how I set up the grid:

procedure TcmLocationListPanel.SetupGrid( aRowsPerPage : integer; aRowCount : integer );


LocationListGrid.Controller.PagerType := cptLink;

LocationListGrid.Controller.Position := cpTop;

LocationListGrid.Controller.Pager     := cpPageList;//cpPrevNextFirstLast;

LocationListGrid.Controller.MaxPages := 5;

LocationListGrid.Controller.IndicatorFormat := ' [ Page %d of %d ]';

LocationListGrid.Controller.IndicatorType   := itPageNr;

LocationListGrid.RowCount := aRowsPerPage;

LocationListGrid.TotalRows := aRowCount;

LocationListGrid.SortSettings.Show     := true;

LocationListGrid.AsyncPaging := true;

LocationListGrid.ShowFooter := true;

LocationListGrid.Bands.Active := true;


In an attempt to solve the problem, I created a routine to "remember" the selections by putting them in a list. I store these with the report for future display. That logic works, but the grid continues to display only the selections for the first page. I have attempted to use OnAsyncGoToPage to catch the page change, but it is only called before the page is changed. So I use that to store the selections from that page. However, I have no way of knowing when the next page is displayed so that I can clear and set any appropriate selections on that page.

1. Should the grid be tracking selections across all pages?

2. If not, how can I update the selections when a new page is displayed?

According to the whats new file, I'm running:

Component Pack Pro release April 4, 2012 : version v5.0.0.1

I'm using IW 10.x (source with some mods)

Delphi 2006 Pro.




Unfortunately it's currently not supported to use row selection in combination with cpPageList and AsyncPaging.
Can you please set Controller.Pager to cpPrevNextFirstLast or AsyncPaging to false?

We'll investigate if the specific set-up you are using can be supported in a future version of the TIWAdvWebGrid.

Thanks for the reply.

I set AsyncPaging to false and the checkboxes still stay the same page to page.

And cpPrevNextFirstLast doesn't help either. Checkboxes still maintain their state between each page.

No - wait - I take that back. Need more investigation of these new settings

The non-ASYNC change worked. Too bad though, kinda messes up an otherwise responsive display.

Thanks for your help