Issue with TMSFNCMemo on Android Platform

Dear Support Team,

I am currently encountering an issue with the TMSFNCMemo component in a multiplatform environment. While it functions as expected on Windows and iOS, I am facing significant problems on Android.

Issue Description:

  • On Android, the TMSFNCMemo either crashes or becomes unresponsive. Specifically, the keyboard does not appear when the memo is selected, rendering it non-editable, and occasionally this leads to the app freezing.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Implement TMSFNCMemo in a multiplatform project.
  2. Run the application on an Android device.
  3. Attempt to interact with the TMSFNCMemo component.

Environment Details:

  • Android Version: 10

  • Device Model: M3SM15X

  • Development Environment: Delphi 12 version 29.0.50491.5718

  • TMS FNC UI Pack version:

  • This issue is also reproducible in the standard tutorial/demo provided for TMSFNCMemo on Android.

  • No such issues are observed on Windows or iOS platforms.

I would appreciate any guidance or assistance you could provide in resolving this issue. If there are any workarounds or updates available, please let me know.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Best regards


The memo uses the Monaco JS library for rendering the full memo. Unfortunately they do not have full touch support for Android/iOS. It can be used to display code and scroll through code but editing might not always work. We will follow this up and see if there will be a fix for this.

With kind regards,