TDBAdvGrid and Arrow Keys

I am using the TDBAdvGrid with DisjunctRowSelect set to True and it works nicely, however once this mode is set the use of the Keyboard up and down arrow keys causes the grid rows to be selected automatically and persistently. I also have the Grid Options set to goRowSelect  and goRangeSelect however the behavior of the arrow keys is unexpected, is this a design "feature" or am I missing something?.


we have the same problem and are very interested in a solution
Best regards
Horst Härtel 

I also reported it as bug as part of normal support but they never responded to that either so I moved on with a product from another vendor, extremely disappointing from TMS on this, basically zero support. I hope they respond to your request.

Afair, we sent a project with which we couldn't reproduce this.
We will reopen this and check if we can reproduce this.
Did you try to set grid.PageMode = false?

You can download our test project here: 

Hello Bruno,

i have tried your project - It works.
But i have seen you set PageMode to false.
If i set PageMode to false in my own project it works too.
The problem is, we have a very great database-table and the
time to load the whole table is about 10 minutes - Too long for a user!
So we must set PageMode to true and have the problem above.
Do you have any solutions for us?
In my other forum topics "Table of Keycodes" Post 4 you can get my own project.
Thank you
Horst Härtel

This specific implementation of disjunct row selection requires PageMode = false,

this is in the FAQ:

If you want a mode to select multiple rows and PageMode = true, please have a look at the 
ADOSelection demo