Issue with HTML caption in TAdvSmoothImageListBox

Dear Support Team,

We have detected an issue in the last version(s) of TAdvSmotthImageListBox when using HTML caption if the caption is wider than the item width.

Find attached a capture with VCL UI version and a capture with VCL UI version

In the capture, the content of the HTML caption is:
<p align="center"><font color="clBlack"><b>Zirk14_RestMatAndCustomer1_AQ84</b><br>Titanium<br><font color="#777777">D</font>90.00 <font color="#777777">H</font>10.00<font color="#777777"> mm</font></font></p>

It seems the issue has been introduced when adding the following code in GDIPHTMLEngine .pas (lin 859):

   // ensure nothing exceeds the max width
      if (r.Right - r.Left > 0) and (r.Right - r.Left - OfsX <= WordWidth) and (Calc) then
        Linebreak := true;
        w := w - wordwidth;

Best regards,


Thanks for reporting. We investigated this and applied a fix. This will be included in the next update.