Issue with HotmailRowSelect and IsFixedCell event

Delphi XE8 update 1
TMS Component Pack

Try the following code. The HotmailRowSelect works fine. When you check a row it becomes selected. Now change the line
AdvStringGrid1.FixedCols := 1; to AdvStringGrid1.FixedCols := 0;
and try again. When you click a checkbox, only the last one selected. You cannot check more than 1.

Also, with HotmailRowSelect you can click/drag on multiple rows to select them. It works fine but when you have AdvStringGrid1.FixedCols := 0; it stops working once you click a checkbox.

Help would be appreciated.


procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
   AdvStringGrid1.FixedCols := 1;
   AdvStringGrid1.Options := AdvStringGrid1.Options + [goRangeSelect];
   AdvStringGrid1.MouseActions.HotmailRowSelect := True;

procedure TForm1.AdvStringGrid1IsFixedCell(Sender: TObject; ARow, ACol: Integer; var IsFixed: Boolean);
   IsFixed := ACol = 0;

We traced & fixed this issue. Next update will address this.