ISAPI Random Error With Grid


randomly (sometimes after days) my ISAPI is crashing shortly after a number of exceptions pointing to the WebGrids.

Error reading CRMGrid.Nodes.NodeOpen.Data: Could not load image. Invalid format

Error reading TranGrid.Indicators.Edit.Data: System Error. Code: 87.

The parameter is incorrect

Error reading TranGrid.Indicators.Edit.Data: System Error. Code: 87.

The parameter is incorrect

Error reading TranGrid.Nodes.NodeOpen.Data: Could not load image. Invalid format

Sometimes 20-30 can be logged, the crash is always related to a grid and is random in it's timing.

Could you shed any light on this ?



What IIS version is this? What OS? What IW version?

Sorry wrote in a rush,

IIS 7.5

IW 14.0.36

Very Latest TMS Component Pack

Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard 64 Bit


Can you please try to remove the default image data from the TIWAdvWebGrid control image properties?

In the Object Inspector click on the "(TPicture)" or "(TBitmap)" value of the property and press the Delete key, now the property value should be "(None)".

If you want to use any of these image properties I would recommend to use the "URL" properties instead to link directly to the image files.

Hi Bart,

I do this but next time you return to the form they re-populate.



Can you try to clear the image properties in code instead?

  TIWAdvWebGrid1.Nodes.NodeOpen := nil;

Where is the best location to add this,   FormCreate ?

Yes, that is correct.

Thanks Bart,

I Have done this throughout the project (it's rather large) which went live yesterday to date no issues whatsoever will keep you informed, is this an issue is it fixable in the future ?

This issue is probably related to permission settings in IIS and/or the IntraWeb framework itself.
Unfortunately there is no fix available at this time.

With all due respect,  this ONLY happen with TMS components so, while the root cause might be external, you're still the ones who should be fixing it.

The issue is randomly causing my application to blow up after being compiled everywhere there is a TIPicture class. Worse: the grids will randomly re-populate this field upon saving the form so it's impossible to know if your project will compile once you reload a form from disk.

I have tried clearing ALL reference to pictures in the form's creation but it doesn't work (at least, not is I assign NULL to the picture properties after the inherited call in the form's constructor).

My only solution so far is to either dynamically create all grids (a daunting task) and avoid any other component that makes ise or TIPicture at design time (i.e. pretty much all TMS IW components) or move through all forms and manually delete all design-time assigned TIPicture.

This really needs to be fixed.