IPhoneEdit being populated when .Text is blank

Platform:  D7, IW XI, TMS iPhone controls

I have two TTIWIPhoneEdit controls in my application main form.  I have both .Text properties set blank.

Problem:  When I run my application, the URL includes parameters for each of the controls which is the name of the control.  Result:  My main form appears, with the iPhoneEdit controls already populated with the name of the iPhoneEdit control.

Question:  How do set the TTIWIPhoneEdit to be blank at runtime, or how do I I tell the launcher not to include the iPhoneEdit control names as text for the iPhoneEdit controls?

(caveat:  I'm running this app in a Firefox browser just to ensure I can compile and that buttons will operate.  The layout looks goofy but that's ok.  My assumption is that it will look correct in the iPhone)

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


- This issue has now been fixed in the TIWiPhoneEdit control.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS IW iPhone Controls Pack.

- Please note that the TMS IW iPhone controls have been specifically designed and optimized for mobile webkit browsers such as iOS Safari and using these controls with desktop browsers can have unexpected results.
It is indeed correct that TMS IW iPhone controls will not be displayed correctly in FireFox as this browser does not have full webkit support.
For better results you can use Chrome or Safari instead.