Intraweb Version

What is the latest version of Intraweb that is supported. I have installed Intraweb 12.2.28, but the latest version of TMS Intraweb components only has up to 12.1  Really stuck here any help would be appriciated.

i think the intraweb version you meant is 12.2.8.

from my expirience, the tms 12.1 is for all the intraweb's versions that
are higher then 12.1 and the tms 12.0 is for all the intraweb versions
that are between 12.0, and 12.1.

i use intraweb version 12.2.8 with tms pack (5.1.2) and it works great

Regev Yaron is correct.

You can use for IntraWeb 12.2.x.<o:p></o:p>