Installation problem


I have tried to install Diagram Studio the latest version, having an old version installed. The installer tells me, that an old version is installed and should be uninstalled. If I click on yes (uninstall) the installer hangs. If I click No, it tells me that it cannot install and aborts.. If I use Uninstall from Control panel, the Installer hangs also.

So it is not possible to install a new version with this installer. I used the Setup.exe with date from 12.10.2012 as well as the
same from 21.09.2012. I have tried it on all of my 3 developement machines under windows7.



Try to uninstall it manually, by removing the packages from Delphi, deleting all existing files, and then removing the registry key from HKCU\Software\tmssoftware\TMS Diagram Studio.


Thanks a lot. Everything is installed now!

Thanks for this post, also helped me to solve Diagram Studio and Workflow installation issues.