Install FMX FNC Cloud Pack support for Linux?


I'm using Delphi 11, FNC Core and FNC Cloud Pack I've installed FMXLinux and am able to build and run apps for Ubuntu. On reinstalling FNC Core and Cloud Pack I expected folders for Linux would be added to the FNC installation trees, but that did not happen. And indeed when I try to compile for Linux an existing app that uses FNC, units such as FMX.TMSFNCCloudBase and FMX.TMSFNCCloudGoogle cannot be found.

I was unable to complete the instructions for manual installation. I'm directed to find and install FMXTMSFNCCloudPackPkgD*.dproj. I tried loading FMXTMSFNCCloudPackPkgDXE11.dproj (even though I have Delphi 11, not DelphiXE11). After loading I do not see an item FMXTMSFNCCloudPackPkgDXE11.dproj in the Project Manager to click on. When I right click FMXTMSFNCCloudPackPkgDXE11.bpl and choose Install, I receive an error:

Cannot load package 'FMXTMSFNCCorePkgDXE11.' It contains unit 'FMX.TMXFNCEditorsTools', which is also contained in package 'FMXTMSFNCCorePkgDX14'.

So, do FNC Core and FNC Cloud Pack support Linux development? If so, can you provide instructions for configuring my Delphi environment to use them for Linux?



There are no automatic installation capabilities for FMXLinux as we cannot detect it being installed in the IDE. Therefore, you need to manually add the path to the library path in the IDE for the Linux target to solve this issue.