Inserting at start of TAdvRichEditor


I have a TAdvRichEdit which has some formatted text added to it at runtime by the user. When they press a button, I want to insert a line ahead of the user text (where I will add a displayed datestamp) followed by a couple of linefeeds.
I just cannot get this 'simple' insert to work as I want. I've tried the following, but while the new text is inserted ahead of the user text, the linefeeds are being added after the original user input and not after the inserted text.

AdvRichEdit.InsertText(0,'Date Stamp Here');    

an you provide an example please? 

You can do this with:

  AdvRichEditor.InsertMultiLineText('hello world'#13);

We'll add a separate InsertLineBreak method so you can also do this separately with the next update.