AdvRichEditor insert text line to custom postion with custom color

Good afternoon to all,
in a advricheditor i insert some text with custom color with

MM2.AddText( 'Line2',clGreen);

and the result is

Line1 (green)
Line2 (green)

but now i need to get
Line2 (green)
Line1 (green)

In other words the last line inserted must be in first position but still using custom color.
I know exist InsertText that insert text in caret position but i'm not able to change color.
What i miss to do that ???

Thanks for attention

Best regards

Set the caret to the beginning of the text with AdvRichEditor.SetCaret(cpBeginDoc) and use AdvRichEditor.InsertText('Line2'); After this set the selection for 'Line2' and use AdvRichEditor.SetSelectionColor(clGreen);

Thank's Bruno ..