This is a general question...

I'm use Indy component TIdHTTP but it cannot support OPENSSL 1.1.1... Only support to OPENSSL 1.0.2g version... Then i cannot call a https:// in a server with latests version of openssl...

TMS Software has any component similar to TIdHTTP that support newest version os openssl ?


We do not have a direct equivalent for idHTTP but if you want to create a HTTP(s) server, we have our product Sparkle: TMS Sparkle Delphi framework for network, Internet programming
This uses HTTP.sys and does not have dependencies on openssl.

what version of Delphi are you using?

You could switch to THTTPClient in System.Net.HttpClient. Doesn't require any DLLs as it uses the computers own HTTP stack

Hi Russell,

I not known this component. But i will try it...

You know if this component can deploy in Linux UBUNTU system under Apache Module ?


I believe it does. It's part of Delphi and uses whatever the stack is on the operating system, so all the ssl is handled at that level.

here is a simple example: